Stag & Doe or Wedding Donation

Congratulations!  The granting of a donation (by way of discount) is easy - are we the exclusive wine supplier? Do you have your Special Occasion Permit? Then you are approved!

Stag&Doe, Wedding Donation

Charitable Request Policies

Donation Policy:  Are you asking for a donation? Make sure you serve our wine!

Cash Please?  Sorry but we don't provide direct financial donations or sponsorships.

Beaver Dam!  We do not provide support for events where our wine is not the exclusive supplier.

Underage:  As a licensed winery, we cannot provide direct support to youth or youth related activities.

... and the Winner is:  The granting of donations is easy - are we the exclusive wine supplier? Then you are approved!

Shall we order a limo?  We're giving you free wine, don't you want to pick it up?

Charitable Events Donation

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