MLM Program

Multi-Level Marketing, or Network Marketing, is an empowering strategy used by some direct sales companies to sell products and services. MLM encourages existing members to promote and sell their offerings to other individuals and bring new recruits into the business.

Distributors are paid a percentage of their recruits' sales. New recruits become the distributor's network or downline and are, in turn, encouraged to make sales to earn money.

How does it work:

Unlike traditional sales channels, multilevel marketing programs use of networks for sales and to recruit new participants. As such, they're often referred to as network marketing.

Here's how it works: Individuals are brought into the business as contractors, independent business owners, distributors, or direct salespeople. These people are then tasked with selling the company's products and/or services to others, including family and friends. Sales can be done in person or online. They are given a commission for every sale they make.

How we help overcome challenges:

Network marketing sometimes suffers from burnout - after all how many times can you offer a party for the same set of products? Whether they be candles, makeup, or cleaning products, sometimes it is hard getting people to attend.

The solution? Wine! Our wines are a perfect complement to your network marketing efforts - everyone in your group can sample a few different wines, you can earn income on your sales, and as a bonus everyone in your group gets a discount even on our already amazing sales!

Grow your network.

Turn a no into a yes. Our wines will make people want to come to your party!

We're not here to compete with your existing business - instead we're here to complement it. We’re here to give you tools to grow your influence even further with complimentary amplification of your network marketing efforts.

We provide you with a personalized network marketing code that can be easily monitored. When your code leads to sales, you earn a percentage of our revenue and an incentive for further sales.

It's Easy to Start

All orders using your own unique network marketing code reward you with earnings 10% of all sales, plus for your customers a discount of 5% - even on top of our amazing specials!

Contact us at 519-900-3034 or email to get a unique Influencer code for your organization.

Network Marketing Application

We make it easy - just fill out and send in our handy dandy application to get your  special Network Marketing code!

Ready, Set, GO!

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