Marvelous Marquette

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Frisky Beaver Marvelous Marquette
Estate Grown, Single Vineyard 100% Norfolk Marquette
Alcohol: 12.5 %
Sugar: 8.0 g/L
Brix at Harvest: 20.6

Winemaker’s Notes
Often blended away, we’re giving this marvelous grape it’s time in the spotlight. Grown in Norfolk County, this Marquette was fermented and aged in stainless steel to allow the wines characteristics to show through. A unique medium-bodied red wine with a smooth finish and soft tannins. Jammy flavours and a hint of pepper and spice give this wine the perfect balance of fruity and bold.

Tasting Notes
SIGHT – Bright ruby fading to a smooth tawny at the rim
NOSE – White pepper, honey coated strawberry and plum
MOUTH – Black currant, blackberry and hints of blueberry on the palette, medium-bodied with a smooth finish.