Bubbly Beaver 1+½

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Frisky Beaver Bubbly Beaver + get another half price

Winemaker’s Notes
Zesty, refreshing and balanced with crisp notes of granny smith apple, peach, lemon and pear. Incredibly food friendly from appetizers to dessert, a bottle of Bubbly Beaver will make you want to light the sparklers. Tiny organized bubbles have a touch of effervescence which slink up towards the surface in tiny chains, volatizing the wine’s aroma. If you’re not at a party, you’ll want to create one.

Tasting Notes
SIGHT – This lively bubbly pours a very pale straw colour with a light mousse
NOSE – The nose is subtle with aromas of green apple, pear and citrus
MOUTH - The palate is medium-bodied and dry with zingy acidity and flavours of tart apple and citrus followed by a crisp finish